About Us

Code Circle was by co-founded by Jida Sunna and Ruba Asfour, with its programs being delivered by industry practitioners who are young leaders in the industry, young professionals who excel at their craft.


Code Circle empowers a new generation through programs that strengthen coding, entrepreneurship, and creative skills in children and youth. At its foundation, Code Circle focuses on experiential learning, with its programs being delivered by industry practitioners. Its coding classes build beginner and advanced capability in web development, iOS/Android app development, and gaming. Code Circle compliments this technology education with other courses, such as entrepreneurship, design skills, 3D virtualization and modeling, and other creative skills that are essential to the full circle of learning.


To accommodate the capabilities of Code Circle’s dynamic training methodology, we have shifted away from a standard curricula, and instead focused on learning outcomes achieved through practical applications guided by our instructors who focus on unleashing the creativity of youth while also building the 21st century skills.

"In fifteen years we'll be teaching programming just like reading and writing, and wondering why we didn't do it sooner."



Deliver learning experiences that inspire youth to love learning, to engage in critical thinking, to unleash creativity and embrace collaboration as they build strong foundations in knowledge-based skills.


Deliver education programs that instill 21st century skills lacking in our educational systems that inspire and enable our youth with the tools and mindset to learn, lead, and live in a global community.

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