Code Combat is a web platform where children can learn how to code by entering a game environment where they get to control multiple heroes, solve missions and achieve goals for by writing lines of code for all the actions within the game.


There are 4 different programming languages available for children to use, JavaScript and Python and Lua being the most popular ones (both within the game and in the contemporary world in terms of job demand and usage for building web applications and infrastructures).


The platform is built on the concept of embedded learning – that is, the type of process where children are extremely focused on the challenge at hand that they are not realizing how much they are learning in the meantime.


Course Overview

The course will be organized over the first semester in school for a total of 15 hours. The class duration and time is to be determined according to the requirements and needs of each school. Thus, the children will be available to cover up to the first 82 levels of the game out of (180+ levels) while learning the basic principles of programming – from conditional thinking with if-else clauses to defining parameters and up to setting up variables for game elements and mechanisms.



Children will gain the basic understanding and knowledge of JavaScript, the main programming language used nowadays for creating web platforms and applications. Combined with HTML & CSS knowledge, they will then be able to start writing code in a web editor to create their applications and advance to JavaScript frameworks such as Node.js and Angular.js. Moreover, they will have a deep insight into game design which can then be complemented by a game development course.


What will the children learn?

Children will be able to enhance both their technical and real-life skills such as:

  • Algorithmic thinking
  • Problem-solving
  • Online collaboration and teamwork

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