Experience The World of AI - Ages 7-9

Level 1







In this course,  students work on fun, interactive projects that give them a broad overview of AI. They discover how machines learn and solve problems as well as key AI concepts such as machine learning, perception, natural language processing and the Five Big Ideas of AI. They’ll also use their detective skills to search out AI in their world and see how they use it every day.


Themes and Modules

  • Define Artificial Intelligence: Understand how human behavior is mimicked by machines.
  • What are the different tools and technologies used by AI? Explore tools like computer vision, machine learning, cognitive computing and many more.
  • Can machines learn without being programmed? Machines can be trained to learn from experiences (examples).
  • Will AI impact us? Describe the different uses of AI, from helping us select music to play, control devices at home to helping space shuttles go to space.

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