Learn to Code with Python - Ages 12+

This introductory Python course covers basic programming concepts for beginners, preparing students for their journey into the world of programming. 

The course starts with an introduction, explaining how computers run programs, and demonstrating general concepts with live examples. Basic Python syntax is explained next, covering variables, arithmetic/logical operations, conditional statements, and loops. The course also covers useful Python types such as lists and dictionaries, and concludes by letting students work on a practical project, to solve a relevant problem using a Python program. Throughout the course, a 'learn by doing' approach is adapted, where students are required to apply the concepts they learned through live coding sessions. 


Learning outcomes:

Upon completion of the course, students should be able to:

1- Describe the basic method by which computers run programs

2- Setup a coding environment for Python

3- Write simple python code to achieve basic tasks

4- Work in teams and divide responsibilities for the development of a project

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