Code Café

Code Café is a girls-only platform in which girls across the Kingdom will learn to code, network with other girls in different safe environments, build confidence in themselves, learn to take risk, and develop a foundation for employability skills.  As a complement to our ongoing efforts at advancing coding education in Jordan, Code Café will provide a safe, efficient workspace in which girls can learn and network in the education programs offered by Code Circle.


The program aspires to instill the love of coding in young women and get them excited about a future in STEM and technology.  Its secondary benefit is to also create awareness in communities and parents of the productive potential of girls and young women in the development and growth of Jordan.


It is our strong belief that through a dedicated educational platform targeted for girls only, coding can become a more common competency in Jordan.  Its impact goes far beyond STEM, as it ameliorates the social norms of a country where nomadic, rural, ultra conservative, urban and westernized lifestyles coexist. And we believe these Code Cafes will be a starting point towards more girl integration, education and economic competency.


We have a clear vision targeted to Jordanian girls, namely that every girl growing up all over Jordan can become a Code Café girl!

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