CODE+ is an initiative that enables Jordanian women with limited economic opportunities to acquire the technical, entrepreneurial, soft skills, as well as the self-confidence needed to establish their own business opportunities.


Our focus is on helping those educated but unemployed women outside of the capital city of Amman enhance their economic livelihood, be it by preparing them for freelance work, establishing their own business, or even generate economic growth within their wider community. Unlike traditional bootcamps, our course focuses on teaching skills (such as how to build a website) that are easy to learn and can quickly help women become entrepreneurs.


Code+ is part of the CTEK’s Women in MENA Initiative, which created an alliance of like-minded women leaders across MENA dedicated to crafting a solution to address economic opportunities for women. CTEK is a nonprofit organization based in the United States which seeks to break down barriers to entrepreneurship worldwide, CTEK collaborates with corporations, nonprofits and individuals on global initiatives that bring connection, capital and community to the most underrepresented and underserved entrepreneurs in the ecosystem.


The first pilot Code+ program was run in Oman in October 2019. The program was delivered by CTEK in partnership with Code Circle to 20 Omani women from different governorates throughout the Sultanate. The program aspired to teach women not only how to code to get a job, but how to form an online business to create jobs for more women like themselves and empower them with the skills to earn income for their families. By the end of the program, the students were able to produce a website for themselves and employ themselves building simple websites for others. In addition to web-building skills, the program focussed on entrepreneurship and business development.