Game Development - Beginner

2D Game Development with Construct







Using Construct, students will learn the basic concepts and techniques of game development, and will be able to produce three types of game genres.


Students will be able to take what was taken in the training course back home and work on their own creative ideas of creating their own game, as the course is focused on teaching students the concepts and the logic behind certain game genres. Students afterwards can mix and match their newly learned skills into creating new games, with different kind of characters and animations.


Technical Skills:
• The basics of computer programming logic, as Construct mainly works on a pseudo code logic.
• Basics of Object Oriented Programming
• Introduction to Animation and Character Animation
• Basics of Psychics Programming
• Audio Interaction and menus creation


• Building a platformer game
• Building a top down shooter game
• Building a psychics based game
• Building a tower defense game

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